W. Blair R. Waller, CFP®

W. Blair R. Waller, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor

Meet Our Senior Financial Advisor: Transforming Financial Fear into Empowerment

Spearheading Waller Creek Wealth Management is our Senior Financial Advisor, Blair Waller. He’s a visionary dedicated to turning the fear of finances into financial empowerment through education and professional guidance.

With his extensive background in 360° Financial Planning, Investment Guidance, Tax Strategies, and Estate Planning, Blair leads a team that listens carefully, operates without pressure, and treats each client with the time and attention they deserve.

Driven by a mission to provide financial independence through education, our advisor’s approach is proven and engaging, making personal finance a source of empowerment rather than fear.

With an average client tenure of five years, Blair has successfully saved substantial amounts for countless clients, showcasing a commitment to their success.

Working from the motto “Invest what you can, when you can, and always keep the long-term in mind,” Blair is a balanced financial advisor. Understanding that every client has their own wealth goals, he believes in curating an investment strategy that works on an individual level.

Having graduated from Texas Tech University and living in various cities worldwide, including Houston, Washington D.C., Moscow and Austin, Blair brings a rich understanding of how different each client’s financial goals can be. He considers diversity and implements financial plans that are built to guide his clients to their goals.

When he isn’t serving clients in Austin, Texas, as a private wealth manager, Blair spends time with his wife Meghan and dog Lola. He also enjoys jogging, hiking, writing, reading, graphic design, live music and enjoying a good game of golf.

In the world of finance, where fear often clouds judgment, our Senior Financial Advisor at Waller Creek Wealth Management hopes to be a place of liberation. No matter how long it takes to help you create a solid path toward your financial dreams, Blair and his team are ready to devote themselves to see it through. They look forward to helping you create a financial strategy that works for you.